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You can fight Back against Negligent Companies who have given you an Unjustified Bad Credit Rating

The effects of a company unfairly damaging your credit rating cannot be overstated. A bad credit rating can have devastating consequences which can result in you being turned down for everything from a mobile phone contract to a mortgage.

In the past, companies who have acted irresponsibly and have had a negative effect on people’s credit rating have remained unchallenged.

Xpedient  are  the only company in the UK to specialise purely in challenging the actions of these companies and gaining compensation for clients.


What the credit agencies don’t want you to know!


Bank IT failures leave two- thirds of consumers with damaged credit history.”

The Independent, April 2019

“ Experts say as many as 16 million have at least one mistake on their credit file.”

The Daily Mail

“ We place too much blind faith in credit agencies when mistakes are inevitable! But the process to correct these errors is complicated. An added complication each credit agency holds different data about you. So if you check one and it appears fine, there could still be a mistake on another.”

David Mann, Head of uSwitch


Do you have a bad credit rating which is not your fault?

Have you struggled to have your credit report corrected?

Have you been forced to turn to lenders with over inflated interest rates?



If you are one of the thousands of people in the UK who have ended up with a bad credit rating through no fault of your own Xpedient  can help.

Xpedient  are experts in credit compensation and we can help restore  your credit rating to ensure that you are no longer effected by the stress, worry and limitations these errors create. You could receive anything up to £5,000 in compensation as part of our process which will help you start afresh with your restored credit rating.

If you have a bad credit entry which another company is accountable for then we can put an end to the problem and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. The process is simple and straightforward and starts with our case assessment service.  Please click the button below for more information or you can apply now by clicking here. The experts at Xpedient  are here to help you. 

Please click play below to see a short video on Credit Report issues and how Xpedient can help.

Here at Xpedient were here to help

What the press say about us

Xpedient are setting a precedent in this new field of compensation which quite frankly will have corporations quaking in their boots.

Xpedient was recommended in the Yorkshire Post’s award winning Consumer watch section.

Jonathan Moules writer for the Financial Times commended Xpedient’s service.

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