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With both Experian and Equifax at the forefront of credit reporting in the SME market as well as the consumer one the same problem of mistakes on credit files exist and is harming many thousands of SME owners in the UK. The knock on effect of a mistake on a credit file for a business cannot be down played and the repercussions can be massive. Whether it be the need to open a trade account, gain finance to improve day to day cash flow or a loan for business expansion, if this access is denied through a mistake on a credit file then the implications can be extensive and damaging.

Here at Xpedient we aim to help SME owners who have suffered at the hands of negligent companies and gain compensation for the business for the financial damage and stress caused by these mistakes . Through our specialised skill set we are the only company in the UK who offer this service and everyday we are challenging these actions and righting some of the wrongs done to SME owners.



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What our clients say about us.

Roy Young – Director – Silver Healthcare Ltd- CCJ ERROR

“I run three care homes in Sheffield with over 200 staff. When a CCJ was placed on my credit file by mistake the knock on effects for my organisation and staff were massive. Xpedient were an absolute godsend in helping me fight to get the CCJ off and keep my business afloat in the process.Would recommend them to anyone”


Paul Hunt – Director – Root Financial Services- Credit default

“I was in the process of remortgaging my property when it came back declined due to a default from a mobile phone company. This was pretty embarrassing considering I work as a financial advisor. I’d never in my life had a bad mark on my file so this was quite a shock. I had switched phone provider and the final bill had been generated in error. I hadn’t a clue how to fight it and I was getting phone calls day in day out from debt collectors. The stress levels were high especially as my mortgage payments were going up and I couldn’t access any high street finance. To find Xpedient  and have someone on my side who knew how to deal with it and get me compensation for them ruining my credit rating was a dream come true.”


Kris Machin- Director -Pourtrai UK Ltd- Missed payments

“I had a 999 credit score with Experian and was in my local mobile shop getting an upgrade to a Samsung S10 I was humiliated to say the least when in front of a shop full of people my application is denied. Later that day looking at my credit file I find that my utility provider has dropped three missed payments on there. I later find out they have a done an IT  upgrade and this has caused for all direct debit payments not to be taken. They offered me a laughable £50 for the damage they have caused to my credit rating. What makes it even more laughable is that ombudsman backed them up and said that was a fair amount .Incredible!! Xpedient, I cannot rate them enough they took the company to task and got me a great payout and did what the ombudsman should have done for me in the first place” thanks guys……..




Bespoke service for Businesses.


At Xpedient we acknowledge that no two businesses are the same and neither are the cases when it comes to errors on credit files and the impact it has. This is why we offer a bespoke and personal service when dealing with businesses. Each case will be assigned and owned by one of our senior team and all business cases are reviewed and overseen by our founder Mr Anderson.

The process will include a full fact find and collation of all material. Your case manager will keep in regular contact with you whist the case is being built. Should we need to take any legal action on your behalf we will review this with you in detail prior to any action.

The fee for this service are a one off case fee of £495 and a percentage of any damages obtained on your behalf. The full business terms and conditions can be found here.



Here at Xpedient were here to help

What the press say about us

Xpedient are setting a precedent in this new field of compensation which quite frankly will have corporations quaking in their boots.

Our company was recommended in the Yorkshire Post’s award winning Consumerwatch section.

Jonathan Moules writer for the Financial Times commended our service.

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