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Xpedient are dedicated to helping people and Businesses fight companies who leave unjustified adverse credit posts with credit bureaus like Experian and Equifax. Our aim is to help clients clear their names and help restore their credit rating. Feel free to browse our site or if you have any questions please call one of our experts on 01664907994

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Meet James

“You can fight Back against Negligent Companies Who Have given you an Unjustified Bad Credit Rating


James Anderson founded Xpedient after he had become the victim of a mobile phone company placing a black mark on his credit file without justification. 

James now leads our team of professionals with a passion to help people like himself clear their names. Through our expertise and experience we are able to tackle companies who quite frankly just turn their back on clients despite their best attempts to get these companies to listen.

Xpedient is a unique company that specialises in helping clients get the underlying credit data corrected that is affecting their credit score. 

Read James’s story below.



James is like most of us just doing his best. He decided it was time to move and so James started applying to a number of mortgage companies. To his dissapointment he kept being declined. After getting over the initial shock he decided to check his credit file. To his horror there was a default posted on him that he knew nothing about.

After obtaining the details he contacted the company to find out what had happened. An all to familiar story unfolded where he was passed from pillar to post and asked to jump through many hoops. James says ” no one was remotely interested let alone offering to help me” . After months of calls, emails and letters  he decided to take matters into his own hands. He took the company to court. He won his case, received compensation and more importantly got the default removed from his credit file.

However, it didn’t stop there. James adds ” I thought I was alone but it turns out this is far more common”. He was asked to help friends and family initially but then decided that something had to be done to help others in similar positions. And that’s why he formed Xpedient.

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients say.

Gemma – Manchester – Late payment mistakes 

“I was stunned to find my once pristine credit file that I have kept immaculate since I was 18 was destroyed by my own bank. I had opted to take a 3 month reduced mortgage payment holiday with my bank to help ease my cash flow due to me been off with maternity. Unbeknown to me my bank had mis reported my payment status to the credit agencies stating I had not made any payments. In 3 months my credit score went from excellent to poor. I was about to do a zero % balance transfer on my credit card which I was unable to do. The bank put £75 in my account without me asking as a way of shutting me up. This I did not accept. Xpedient took on the bank and got me a payout that reflected the stress and inconvenience they had caused me. Great service” 

Alan – Brighton – Credit default 

“Id just finished my final year at  Uni and moved back home with my girlfriend. I was blissfully unaware that my old mobile contractor had written to my old address and sent me a final bill by mistake. 6 months later I had a default and a debt collector round my door in Brighton demanding £300 pounds. I hadn’t got a job at the time and due to the error on my credit file I had been forced to go to a payday loan company. My debts were spiralling out of control. Without Xpedient I would not be in the position I am now , debt free and a my credit score back to what it was. A big thank you to you!.”

 Vivek- Cardiff- Missed payments

“My utility company in April 2018  stuck 2 missed payments on my credit file in error. This severely affected my credit score and put my future employment in jeopardy as my new employer required all applicants to be credit checked and for their score to be at least good. This was a massive inconvenience to say the least and put me in a difficult position as I had given notice in my previous role and my future role was now in the balance due to this mistake. I had written to the energy ombudsman but their waiting times were 6 weeks and I did not have the time to wait so luckily I spoke to James at Xpedient and they took the case on and managed to get the credit report corrected swiftly, got me a great payout and saved my job”

What the press say about us

Xpedient are setting a precedent in this new field of compensation which quite frankly will have corporations quaking in their boots.

Our company was recommended in the Yorkshire Post’s award winning Consumerwatch section.

Jonathan Moules writer for the Financial Times commended our service.

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