Updating your credit file

You can fight back against negligent companies who have given you an unjustifed bad Credit Rating

 After we have helped win your claim and proven that your file is wrong we will automatically request that the file is corrected. Unfortunately this is not always completed. Worse still it can be initially cleared and then return as the company have not effectively purged it’s database. For a small fee of £90 we will ensure that your file is updated correctly and we will also monitor it on your behalf for six months ensuring that it does not return.


The four major obstacles that face the clients we work with are:

  1. The client does not know how to fight the company.
  2. If the company does admit liability for damaging the client’s credit file the client does not know how to have their credit file updated.
  3. The client naturally wants compensation for their financial loss and inconvenience as typically they are forced to take finance at higher rates or were declined altogether. Through our own experience companies generally try any method they can to not to pay credit compensation.
  4. Financial law is complex when it comes to fighting these companies. This again makes things difficult for the consumer to restore their credit rating and gain credit compensation.

Here at Xpedient were here to help




Through our specialised claims & litigation process, we have taken on companies which have placed a bad credit history on clients’ credit files in error and have won most of the cases we have taken on thus far mainly with out of court settlements.

We hope to be able to apply this same formula and get you the credit compensation you deserve.

What the press say about us

Xpedient Finance are setting a precedent in this new field of compensation which quite frankly will have corporations quaking in their boots.

Our company was recommended in the Yorkshire Post’s award winning Consumerwatch section.

Jonathan Moules writer for the Financial Times commended our service.

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